The Well of Bethlehem

King David was exhausted.  The nation of the Philistines was a constant thorn in his side.  In Davids life, he had lost one child and been betrayed by another.  During a previous battle he had grown weary and Ishbibenob a giant like Goliath would have killed him if it wasn’t for his soldier Abishai. Needless to say, he had been through some rough patches.

In second Samuel chapter twenty-three, we find an older King David in a cave. The Philistines had come into Isreali territory again.  As a matter of fact, they had set up a defensive position in Davids hometown of Bethlehem.  Speaking aloud, David mentions how he wanted to have a drink from the well of Bethlehem.  Three of his soldiers heard him and broke through the enemy line. They got water from the well and brought it back to David.  He wouldn’t drink it. Instead, he poured it out on the ground unto the Lord, honoring the Lord for sacrifice the men had made.

At the moment he spoke of the well I believe David was speaking prophetically without realizing it.  In John chapter four we find Jesus by a well in Samaria where he tells a woman if she drinks from the water he provides she will never thirst again.  David without knowing it spoke of Jesus who was born in Bethlehem, and the fountain of water living in every heart that receives him.

However, standing in a cave, exhausted from circumstance and life, I don’t believe King David set out to make a profound prophetic statement.   The moment he saw those men return with that water, risking their lives, he saw an opportunity to honor the Lord.  It is in the expanse of history and time we can look back and see the hand of the Lord in it all.

The same is true in our own life in difficult times.  We may not always remember the right verse to quote for every situation.  However, if we make a choice to honor the Lord we can look back and see his hand through the exhausting times in our life.

Father thank you for the peace you have given us.  We will not let our hearts be troubled or fearful.  We will honor you in all we say and do.  Thank you for the honor you place on us.

Remembering the Lord in the midst of a trial can be a difficult task.  But, it is a necessary, life changing moment!  Honor the Lord at all times.   To the best of your understanding and with all of your heart honor him, and he will honor you.


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